We Put You 1st

Some janitorial companies are outdated in their approach and the equipment they use. We provide the most effective equipment and products that comply with industry regulations. We understand the importance of running and operating a clean establishment, through and through, including being fully bonded and insured. Having an upstanding establishment is important, because it protects you, your employees and our reputation. Here at Janitorial Network of Colordo we are easy to work with. We'll assure your contract is friendly, approachable, responds timely and provides effective answers and resolutions to all questions and inquiries. We strive to provide great customer service.

What We Service

.Office Buildings and Suites

.Healthcare facilities and medical offices*

.Schools and daycare facilities



.Banks and Credit Unions

.Shopping Centers


If you have any further questions about cleaning products or equipment we use pertained to your business type or would like to schedule a walk through, please give us a call.

Quality Assurance

To make sure our account holders are receiving quality service we have a quality assurance program we abide by.

.Hiring and Screening

.Thorough training

.Proactive supervision

.Frequent evaluations

.Good communication

.Performance incentives

.Management detailed cleanings

.Proper equipment and cleaning supplies

.OSHA compliance

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our partners and residents with a clean establishment through a consistent and thorough cleaning program across the country. Through continuous training in the areas of procedures, protocols, rapport, hazardous chemicals and OSHA compliance, our staff will be above standard. At Colorado Cleaning Connect we provide opportunities to learn the cleaning industry and eventually grow into owning their own franchise. We stand on excellence and integrity, and will provide services that will keep clients for a lifetime.


Why Choose Us ?